About us

Universal Biotechnology, A Bio-Tech Trading Company Started By. Young And Energetic Group Of People, Who Bring With Them Experience Of More Than 15 Years Of Satisfactory Service To The Bio-World. Armed With The Deep Understanding Of The Needs Of The Sector, Universal Biotechnology Strives To Provide To Its Customers, Products And Services Of Highest Standards Possible, Consistently Superior, And More Satisfying Than That Available Anywhere Else. 

It is our endeavor to provide you the best quality products from national and international renowned manufacturers in the area of biotechnology, molecular biology, cell-biology, immunology, genomics and proteology. We have integrated the best systems in sourcing, testing, warehousing and logistics. We also offer a broad spectrum of products with numerous dimensions. With a pan india network of sales and support, we have gained tremendous customer confidence. We use the latest logistic systems to cater to our widespread customer base. We boast of a loyal base of customers who choose to repeatedly do business with us owing to our ability to deliver quality products on time.




         Our Team

Our team of dedicated and highly motivated professionals has taken the company to great heights. Our dynamic team of R&D specialists is zealously working on new product development. We are committed to strengthening our reputation in this industry in future as well.

Excellent co-ordination and teamwork are the cornerstones of our organization. We have a very driven and focused team of professionals who are responsible for our rapid growth. Our company functions on core values of integrity and responsibility, especially towards out clients and OEM's. The engineers and technicians along with instrumentation experts are responsible for the product portfolio. Our team of quality controllers ensures that the customers derive great intrinsic value from our products. The sales and marketing team is a bunch of dynamic professionals who spearhead the expansion of our company.

Our team comprises of:

  • Engineers

  • Technicians

  • Instrumentation Experts

  • Quality Controllers

  • Sales and marketing executives







               WITH NOVEL PRODUCTS"


It is to the credit of our highly qualified and market savvy engineers and product experts, that we have an enviable range of product portfolio that is diverse in its offering and superior in performance. As a trader of such critical products, we are constantly reviewing our options and choosing the most advanced and reliable technology. This has enabled us to offer our clients a plethora of high value products. We deploy the best workforce armed with extensive training backed by technological and logistical support. We have fine-tuned our supply systems to deliver products on time. The focus of Universal Biotechnology remains quality products and customer satisfaction. Our product range includes Plastic Bottles, Plastic Beaker, Corning single channel adjustable - volume pipettes, Corning Pipettes, Bacteriological Square Petri Dishes, Cell Culture Dishes, Filter Cap Cell Culture Flasks, Cell Culture Flasks. Our exhaustive range of products covers most of the instrumentation requirements of laboratory professionals.


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