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Arbor Assays

The founders and top scientists from Arbor Assays have been researching and developing high quality assay kits since 1982. We grew up making FDA-regulated in vitro diagnostic products for human disease detection. When we started to make products for the life sciences market in 1991 we realized that sensitivity, speed, convenience, quality and service were not associated with these products. We changed that for you.

On January 1, 2017, Arbor Assays became the world’s first Employee-Owned life sciences company by way of a perpetual employee benefit trust (EBT). As an EBT, the board of directors ensures that the company remains an independent entity for the benefit of customers and employees. For the customer, employee ownership means that the company can be counted on to continuously experiment, innovate, and provide high-quality products. For employees, ownership means increased job security and career satisfaction without the fear that Arbor Assays will be sold out to a larger development company.

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