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MaestroGen, Inc. is a privately held bio-tech instrument company headquartered in Nevada, USA. Starting from innovation, MaestroGen develops and offers a wide variety of products including Spectrophotometers, transilluminators, imagers, and other innovative research tools. With core expertise as the leading manufacturer of bio-tech products, MaestroGen combines its innovative technologies with a specialization in imaging applications in the life sciences. MaestroGen offers a wide range of bio-imaging systems from basic entry-level to advanced multi-functional systems for gel documentation. Systems are configured to fit your applications and budget requirements.

One remarkable product is MaestroSafe Nucleic Acid loading dye, a non-carcinogenic dye developed to replace toxic Ethidium Bromide. You do not need to add any dyes to both gel matrix and running buffers. MaestroSafe dye is provided in a form of 6X sample loading dyes and they are to be added to your samples only.

Maestrogen also provides DNA ladders comprising of fragments of specific base pair length are available for estimation of molecular weights from 100bp to 10Kb as well as Protein ladders of molecular weights from 10kDa to 180kDa.

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